Kalka Shimla Railway
Estd. 1903

Kalka Shimla Railway

A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Mandate of Kalka Shimla Railway Society

Conservation of world heritage

The aim of the society is to promote the World Heritage monuments. “Culture and Heritage reflects the shape values beliefs and appreciation there by defining people’s national identity. It is important to preserve our culture heritage, because it keeps our integrity as a people” ,the Kalka Shimla Railway section is the part of the world heritage site. The aim the society is to enhance awareness of the importance of cultural heritage of Kalka Shimla Railways and redouble efforts to protect and conserve the Heritage so as to preserve a working steam heritage for the future generation to enjoy.

Art, Language, Culture & Literature

The aim of the society is to promote, protect, encourage and spread Art, Language, Music, Culture and literature in the society by encouraging young poets, writers, painters, sculptures and musicians and the various in other streams artists and to provide them facilities to explore their creativity and help them in recognition of their contribution and creativity to the society. Promote interest in and share the knowledge of the Indian Railways heritage and current developments amongst Railway Enthusiasts by bringing them on a common platform.

Education and Awareness

The society aims to stimulate public affection by intelligent exposure of the Kalka Shimla Railway’s historic place in the development of the Nation and to create awareness of the excellence of the Indian Steam Railways Works and highlight the need for their preservation in the interest of science and technology facilitating transport and tourism through joyrides for children and educational campaigns.

Promoting Tourism

The society aims to assist in preservation and revival of the heritage and glory of Kalka Shimla railways in India and to promote Rail Heritage Tourism by organizing regular meetings, debates, seminars, competitions and quizzes for the members and the public to exchange and further disseminate information on heritage Railways.

Health and Family Welfare

The society will take up health and family welfare programmes as are approved by W.H.O. and adopted by the Govt. of India and Govt. of H.P. in various fields for local inhabitants of areas surrounding and covered by KSR and participate in fund raising activities consistent with the aims.


It is the aim of the society to provide clean environment free of pollution to the civil society and protection of the environment thereof and educate the civil society. Providing environmental educational training camps. Encouraging forest and wildlife conservation. Maintenance of bio-diversity by protecting from pollution. To fight against air, water and environment and noise pollution. To develop plantation and forestry. Training and awareness programme of watershed and benefit of conservation of forests.

Disaster Management

The society will spread awareness about disaster management and to educate and prepare the civil society. To arrange financial assistance from central/state Govt. and voluntary organization. Oriental programmes for the people to fight against flood, drought, cyclones and earthquakes etc. School safety awareness programmes for preparedness for disaster.

Other allied activities

To work for awareness of RTI Act amongst the people and diffusion of useful knowledge to them To implement various projects and schemes sponsored by the State or Central Government in the sector of social welfare, rural development, human development etc. Participate in fund raising activities consistent with the aims. Preserve a working heritage for the future generation to enjoy. Publish a quarterly Newsletter for the members and patrons of the Society.

The society shall perform only welfare & charitable activities on no profit no loss basis.

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